The Johnston Family: Loving Life Together and Blessed in Every Way!

The Johnston Family:  Loving Life Together and Blessed in Every Way!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring has to be coming..........

It sure is cold outside, but spring just has to be coming! At least that is what we keep telling ourselves. We started off March with our cousins Logan's bday party and the kids loved getting their swimsuits out and getting ready for his party at the indoor pool. The party was a lot of fun and they really enjoyed the water fun. Then a little later in the month we had a few days of warm weather so we of course enjoyed our time at the park. We are hoping that maybe next week is when spring is surely going to arrive! Until then enjoy these pictures from February and March!:)

Sadie's first Award's program!

I attended Sadie's first awards program and of course was a very proud mom! I was so happy and excited for her great progress. She received an award for A/B honor roll and the citzenship award! So proud of her!

Memories from Jan-March

My kids are growing up quickly! Enjoy catching up!:)

Snow 2013

We didn't really get very much but we will take what we can get! The kids loved the snow so much and loved sledding at our new home and the hills in our yard. Great times, big memories!:)

Dakota Turns 3

Happy Birthday, Dakota! So proud of the little boy you are and continue to be! Dakota has conquered several things this year. He is potty trained, he has made it through the terrible 2's (thank GOD), he is talking really good, and does love his mama some kind of bad. Dakota loves super heros better than anything in the world. Batman is by far his favorite, but he does like spiderman too. He had recently just started liking Woody a lot! He also just got a bike for his birthday so we are sure that's going to be a highlight during his third year of life. Dakota sleeps in his room all by himself. He loves playing with other kids and LOVES to be outside at any time of the day. He weighs 32 lbs and is on the 50th percentile for his height, weight, and head circumference. We can't wait to see all the exciting things he learns the next year of his life:)

Youth Ski Trip

In January we took a ski trip with the youth as youth leaders. As we were driving down the road all I could thank about were the wonderful ski trips that I took when I was in youth group. Those were truly memories that I will NEVER forget. I loved every single one of them. I am hoping and praying that since JJ is the youth pastor that we will be able to have the same impact on today's youth that my youth leaders had on me. So fun:)


Here are some memories built from Dec-Jan. Not too much to say about it since it's been a while.

Sadie's First Field Trip

Sadie had her first field trip just before Christmas with her Kindergarten class. She got to ride a train from Raleigh to Smithfield and have a lunch at the train station. They then went to the movie theater to watch "Polar Express". Sadie loved it! I was also very happy that I was able to take off work and go with her and experience this with her. The highlight was definitely at the end of the movie when Tom Hanks is talking about believing to the little boy and the little boy hears the bell. Sadie's teacher then passes out bells to all the kids. The look on her eyes was AMAZING! I also loved the conversation that Sadie had with me and she told me "that if you hear the bell then you believe in God, that's what it's all about mama". I love that little girl to death and thank God for the work that he is already doing in that precious heart!

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving this year. We did the usual spending time with Grandma Grace and wrapping it up with the Massengill Thanksgiving at Mom and Dads. It's always so nice seeing family members and catching up. I really loved all the time together. I especially loved being 10 minutes down the road and spending our first Thanksgiving without traveling all the time. We were also reminded of the many ways that we have been blessed in the 2012. The highlight is definitely moving to Clayton and being closer to family and friends. Very Blessed!

Fun Memories

Below are just some fun memories with family and friends. These were all from the fall,so you will see that the kids have grown a bit since then. Enjoy them all:)